Today, CC STROYINVEST LLC is a general contracting organization that performs a full range of works on the construction and reconstruction of buildings for industrial and civil appointments.CC” STROYINVEST" Ltd. was established in 2014.

Company has extensive experience in managing a general contracting construction organization that performs construction and installation work. The production base provides the construction of facilities with the necessary materials and resources.

The constructed structural diversity of the company is due not so much to the management convenience, but to the actual needs of the existing market.

It is easier and more comfortable for the customer to work with companies that professionally, high-quality and on time fulfill all kinds of foreseen works. Today, in order to fully satisfy the wishes of the customer, there should be just a professional, you need to have a modern, clearly structured and flexible guided network of the most diverse professionals for each stage of the order. The divisions of the company can perform all necessary types of work, from the zero stage to the finishing and improvement of the territory

The main task is not to pursue profits - we build professionally, reliably and economically. Responsibility for quality is our professional principle. The trust of our partners is the best argument in our favor.